Gonzo’s 1,000th Career Hit

Hits don’t really mean much to players that get hits all the time, but the ones that do, mean a lot. For example, walk off hit in game 7 of the World Series, a record breaking hit, someones 100th or 3,000th career hit would obviously mean a lot. But for Adrian Gonzalez, today he had a hit that definitely meant a lot to him.

Adrian Gonzalez's 1000th hit

Gonzalez sliding into 3rd base when he got his 1000th hit.

Today when the Boston Red Sox were facing the Milwaukee Brewers, in the bottom of the fourth inning Adrian Gonzalez hit his 1,000th career hit. Not only was it Gonzalez’s 1,000th career hit, it was also Gonzalez’s 3rd triple of the season, a career high for triples in a single season.

After the game David Ortiz told Gonzalez “You don’t get that everyday, that might be a fathers day gift.” Also after the game, Gonzalez told reporters, “I was telling Jacoby [Ellsbury] I have more triples than you do. He just said, ‘Hey, you’re faster than me.'”


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